Vermont Farm Equipment Barn

February 15, 2018

This barn offers a well-proportioned large workspace for modern implements on a mountaintop farm.

Perched on a Vermont mountaintop with nearly infinite views of the Mad River Valley, this 30’ x 40’ structure houses a massive tractor, implements and associated tools for running a large farm.  Geobarns helped the owner enclose the required working elements in a clean, symmetrical exterior.  A few unusual details, such as an 11’ recessed track door and haydoors refine the exterior, making it an appropriate complement to the stunning site and to the fine home next door.

It all started innocently enough…. I just wanted a tractor to better work the fields and manage the woods on our family’s place in Waitsfield, Vermont. Well–at first we thought the tractor would fit in an old shed on the property. (Did not work out as planned.) For novice tractor buyers, you need to be warned… from both an expense and a storage perspective, the attachments will cost as much and take up as much room as the tractor.

So we were faced with one of two options; either expand the shed to accommodate the tractor and attachments, or build a new barn. After not too much deliberation, it was apparent that a new barn was in order. We were all set on a modest, pole barn type structure, when a neighbor suggested that we contact George Abetti since he was in the barn building business. So as not to offend our neighbor, I went ahead and investigated a bit. So we contacted George and checked out the website for Geobarns. I still was unconvinced, since we were looking at a modest pole barn and trying to keep costs at a certain level. However, a complicating factor was that once we decided to build a new structure, it made sense to site it near our house. We had no desire for long walks in the winter to get the tractor for snowplow duty. Also, the closer the barn was to the house, the more likely I would be to visit, to service the tractor & attachments, perform maintenance, etc. Therefore, we decided that any structure close to the house needed to be in keeping with the character of the house and also had to add to, rather than detract from, the overall appearance at the house site. Once we came to this realization, the choice became easier and more obvious… we needed to go with Geobarns. We did have several quotes from other contractors. Yes, the Geobarn quote, when all was said and done, was at somewhat of a premium to the other quotes, but at the time we believed that the aesthetics and the quality of the build would outweigh the increase in cost. Well, since completion, we are convinced that we made the right decision.

Mr. Abetti was honest, forthright and open in all of our discussions prior to construction, during construction and since completion. For our family it is important to deal with people of integrity–people who are up-front and honest in their communications and overall approach to business. Life is too short to deal with people who are less than completely honest. Conversely, one of life’s great joys is to deal honestly and openly in business with people and firms of integrity. Geobarns is an organization with integrity and it starts at the top.

From a structural and aesthetic perspective we could not be more pleased. The site itself and the barn fit in very nicely with the existing home and with the lay of the land. The barn is close to the house, but also tucked up in against the woods and hillside to the south–convenient, but also responsibly sited. Stewardship of the land is very important to us. As such, we wanted to site the barn as unobtrusively as we could, and also to preserve as much open and forest space as possible. George worked very well and very closely with the other contractor who performed the site work to accommodate our requests.

Also, George and his firm were enormously helpful in our pre-build discussions. We were neophytes. We had never owned a barn before. We explained to George the purpose for the barn as well as our desires for the overall site, including the existing house. Mr. Abetti was enormously helpful, not only in listening to our requests, but also in highlighting several important factors about which we had not thought.

Everyone who has seen the barn, including local craftsmen and contractors, comment on how great it looks and how solidly it is built. Aesthetically, George and his men have constructed a beautiful building. Structurally it is as solid as a rock. Simple, beautiful and strong; these are the adjectives that best describe our Geobarn. The building has simple lines and an uncomplicated design. The barn is beautiful to behold. Construction, due to both the structural design, as well as the craftsmanship, is solid to the core.

I look forward to many hours of working in our new barn and many years of service from this great building. As a bonus, my wife and four daughters, the real decision makers, are thrilled with how it looks and how it “works” with the existing house, the driveway, and the overall lay of the land.

Many thanks to George and crew for a job well done.