Vermont Lake House

March 13, 2018

This home offers lake and mountain views year round

This built to suit lake front home incorporates all the traditional Geobarn signatures with additional custom features including triple glazed fix picture windows on the lake gable end, pediment head windows on the entry gable, Geobarn trusses spanning both the lower and upper floor systems, and the lakefront half of the building entirely vaulted 25′ up to the ridgeline.

George and the Geobarn crew made the “impossible” possible. Others had laughed at us for having champagne and caviar dreams and a beer and pretzel budget. Geobarns managed to turn Budweiser into Dom Perignon.

We wanted a wide open floor plan (beyond that possible with conventional stick framing), cathedral ceilings, exposed beams and most of all a final product with some character. Geobarns gave us all that and more. They completed it on time and exactly on budget (unheard of in the industry.) The whole crew was a pleasure to deal with despite braving harsh winter conditions on a daily basis. And the final product is a work of art sculpted from Doug Fir, Cedar, Pine and Mahogany.

If the box houses and McMansions going up on every corner are what you are looking for – don’t call Geobarns. If you like vinyl siding, hollow masonite doors and solid vinyl windows – don’t call Geobarns. If you want your house to look like everyone else’s on your street – don’t call Geobarns. But, if you want a custom home with a lot of character built at a competitive price – Geobarns should be your first call.

AKC, Vermont