Vermont Multi-Use Barn

March 21, 2018

A three-level barn for tractors, cars, and living

Our client’s lovely Vermont home was built without a garage, and without space for equipment and storage required for the maintenance of the expansive meadow below.  Lawn tractors and cars were thus the first constituents for this barn.  A site, at the plunging edge of her driveway, was selected, and as design proceeded, we suggested a novel organization.  With vehicles entering from the upper gable end, the lower end might be low enough to afford a second “walkout” bay below.  And as the barn roof rose to a peak, a third level would allow living space, possibly a detached garage apartment.  This diagram became this tidy but flexible barn, with the most rugged and dirty spaces facing the meadow and gardens, daily-driver vehicles on a robust second floor, and a garage apartment in the peak.  The amount and variety of space is very surprising to visitors who approach the modest-looking gable that faces the driveway.