Vermont Ski Vacation Home

March 18, 2018

This mountainside second home is custom throughout

This three story Geobarn was built as a ski vacation home for a Connecticut family who have wanted for years to deepen their roots in Vermont through building a barn.

Once the project started, after dealing with some terrain challenges, the exterior shell was constructed in less than five weeks. Much effort was put into maintaining a classical barn style exterior, while including design that allowed for large open floor spaces and using the structural components to enhance both the beauty and function inside. The interior replicates it– including shiplap walls, handmade doors, and a large ramp joining the upper floor systems of the third floor, enabling the clients to look down from their vaulted ceiling into the kitchen and living areas below.

This lovely barn is 35 feet high with gorgeous mountain and valley views from the master bedroom and living room balcony deck. Perimetered with transoms and insulated windows, it also contains interior transoms over 45 degree recessed door bays. Floating stairways–with no internal support–mirror the emphases of the truss systems which completely span all floors of the building from the garage to the vaulted bedrooms of the third story.

One of the nicest compliments received was from one of the deliverymen who said offhand that this was an awfully nice expensive home. We were able to tell him with no reservations that the building as he saw it was much less than he had imagined.

Working with George and Geobarns is an incredibly fulfilling experience, with friendship wrapping around high work energy, creative and intelligent design concepts, great construction quality, and outstanding communication before, during and after project completion.

Highest on the list is the added benefit of gaining a new friendship. The interest in matching the project to our needs and interests shows through in the completed structure. We have a family retreat that will be enjoyed for years to come, with wonderful open interior space providing a solid connection to the woods outdoors.

We continue to be amazed at the start to finish timeline of the basic structure including refinements necessitated by the sloping land grade. George rises to any challenge in the project with enthusiasm in blending his tried and true shell formula with the particulars of each project –this was communicated comfortably as we planned out our project initially and experienced first hand during construction.

This is great quality, with excellent design of interior space providing value beyond what we expected. We look forward to building another Geobarn again in the future!

CLA – Brownsville, VT