Vermont Wood Shop

March 18, 2018

A refined exterior houses a busy woodshop

Woodworkers are almost always our most exacting clients, and they know what they’re seeing on the job site. For this reason, Geobarns is very proud to have so many professional and beyond-amateur woodworkers recommend us.  This shop is a particularly successful example of a well-proportioned and immaculately detailed building to house wood work.

Serendipity, karma, fate, grace; what is the proper term? Early wintry Vermont weather in late 2007 stopped my long anticipated workshop project at early site preparation. The time allowed nagging feelings about the garage package to which I was almost committed to grow. My lifetime dream of a “real” workshop just did not seem suitably addressed by such a package even with extensive modifications.

Additional research into timber frame options from Vermont and Maine; of local builders and design/build offerings identified cost estimates and design issues. I was increasingly doubtful of getting away from basement or shared garage shop spaces. But Spring was accompanied by renewed hope and from a series of workshop tours throughout much of the state I found a particularly appealing workshop model. It also came with the highest recommendations of the builder George Abetti (Geobarns).

My inquires were met with prompt responses, insight of my floor plan and exterior design requirements. Pricing was very favorable and all communication was clear, and concise. I was particularly fortunate that a experienced, young building team was nearby and availability was timely . Not only did Andrew, Faith, and Lucas demonstrate great mastery of the Geobarn building method but they were incredibly innovative both individually and collectively. My extra requests of a special stairway to leave all windows fully exposed and the instillation of two old leaded glass windows were executed beyond my expectations. No smoking, sniping or significant breaks seemed the normal professional working approach of this “A+ team”. No surprise that completion was on time without additional surprise charges.

Typical rave reviews for the completed projects were exemplified by my local electrician who came after Geobarn contract completion. He knew of the construction options which I had considered and said of the garage package alternative, “that would have been like a dog house compared with this.”

My deepest appreciation for getting me out of the doghouse and for sweet serendipity.