Warehouse and Shop

February 15, 2018

Rebuilt on the foundation left after fire destroyed an historic barn, this robust structure contains a bustling business.

Following the destruction of the massive original barn by a fire on Superbowl Sunday, the client approached Geobarns to rebuild his business warehouse and shop on existing foundations. This included a record-setting 40’ free span floor system.  The substantial commercial loads associated with the owner’s garage door business necessitated an innovative approach, where roof and floor systems were conceived as one structural unit, with each part’s stresses counteracting the other. The structural solution, which might otherwise have necessitated steel, was an important part of maintaining the old barn’s gracious and historic presence in town.  The building towers over its site, exposed to high winds and visible to everyone passing on the adjacent town highway, where it makes a statement about the reliability and resilience of our clients.

When I saw the rafters going up on top of the building, it made me finally get a sense that I was going to get back to normal in my business.  It’s awesome. We’ve had more compliments on the structure
going up than anything else. We’ve had people stop to take pictures. It’s an incredible-looking building.”


New Hampshire