White River Horse Barn

March 18, 2018

This unusual horse barn is shaped to carefully fit its site

This magnificent horse barn in sits on top of a hill overlooking one hundred miles of Vermont mountains. The owners have frequently commented that they may simply sell their home and move into the huge loft above the horses…supported by massive sistered kneewall posts to create over 2300sf of open vaulted space. In spite of the large size a 200 pound scrap pile (couple of wheelbarrows) was all that was left after utilizing 50,000 pounds of framing lumber: an extraordinary material efficiency made possible by the Geobarns structural system and an extraordinarily diligent crew.

All interior gates, rails and bars were Geobarn designed and made to owner specifications on site at a fraction of the costs listed in equine trade magazines, with an emphasis on minimal hardware and elegant simplicity.