Woodstock Home

March 16, 2018

An exemplary compact custom home in Vermont

Our client, an experienced real estate investor, sought a custom home on an in-town lot in Woodstock, Vermont.  Necessarily a compact footprint, it was not at all certain that custom construction was a good investment.  The owners approached Geobarns after pursuing modular and manufactured options which might deliver the price point.  Some exploration with Geobarns proved that the semi-custom approach could deliver uniquely modern interior space, in an appealing package that could be approved by zoning boards, while complying with our client’s investment guidelines.

Dear George,

In more than forty years in business, I have rarely found a businessperson as knowledgeable, ethical, professional, and practical as you. You helped me take my home construction project from conceptualization to completion. In the process, we have built a wonderful house which will be appreciated by those who live in it as well as those who pass it on the street.

I was struck by your commitment to helping me to achieve my goals without any concern for your own personal interests. There were numerous times in the process where plans were changed. Your handling of these occasions was thoughtful and always reasonable.

As you may recall, when we met at the Hanover Home Show (just 11 months ago), I was seriously considering building a modular home. I was struck with the approach you take to construction and the possibility of getting a higher quality home at a not much greater price. Largely as a result of your efforts, we will end up with a custom quality home at a very reasonable cost.

I hope you will post this letter on your web site. If you do, anyone who reads it should know that I will be happy to sing your praises in person if they contact me.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Sincerely yours, William