Woodworking Shop and Art Studio

March 17, 2018

The barn houses a professional woodworking shop, with an artist's loft above

Our clients approached us, and several other builders, with a common complaint.  Moving into their new home, they found that their passion for woodworking and art already overran their attached garage, despite what they thought was careful planning.  Working with Geobarns, they envisioned a classic workshop barn which could not only clear out the garage, but which would the woodworking plenty of space for storage and workflow.  The result is a sturdy and elegant barn, unburdened by the requirements of vehicle entries, and able to be open to the outdoors in fair weather.  After planning the shop layout, our clients found that the upper story, with a low kneewall, would with little additional investment be a terrific and well lit space… a bonus.  They chose to finish it for a future studio.

When we built our house in 2002 we thought we had planned a large enough garage to accommodate woodworking equipment in addition to two cars, snow blower, gardening supplies, bikes, etc. We soon discovered that while everything technically fit there was no room to actually set up and run the woodworking equipment. We were then facing a huge dilemma because building the house was not a pleasant experience – as many can attest – it was a nightmare! Did we really want to go through that again with a barn? So, we approached the task of selecting a builder very cautiously. After several months of research we selected some candidates including George Abetti of Geobarns.

We found George on the internet and we were initially impressed by the barn styles displayed in his website gallery. Then we read all of the testimonials on the website and decided to contact him based on the good, sometimes glowing, reports. George promptly met us at our house and described his building ethics and style. We were still tentative because we’ve listened to builders’ spiels before. What they say and what they do are usually two totally different things. Sensitive to our concerns, George insisted we visit several of his works in process and speak to the owners. Again we received highly favorable reports and we were able to see and touch the quality of his workmanship. And so we made the plunge and proceeded with George. We worked together with George to design a practical and beautiful barn to meet our current and future needs. He was easy to work with and very amenable to suggestion.

In addition to the woodworking shop we added a full loft for a future art studio. Once started, the construction went very smoothly and quickly. As promised, well before first snowfall, we had our beautiful, finished barn. The only delays we experienced were with regards to obtaining the building permit from the town and pouring the foundation – neither of which had anything to do with George. Our advice to prospective new barn owners is to start the building permit process asap (4-6 months prior to ground breaking) and to select the excavator with care (check references!). As far as the barn is concerned, you will be in very competent hands with George.

BNS, New Hampshire

New Hampshire