Vermont Workshop and Apartment

March 19, 2018

A perfect barn-apartment in a Vermont orchard

One of the most gratifying things about this multipurpose garage/workshop/apartment project was the intense and competent involvement of our clients–who were expertly aware and wise in their decision making. From pre-painting the shiplap siding with a gorgeous antique barn red to extensive deliberations on the siting of the barn parallel to their century old apple trees along the porch–they knew what they wanted and how to execute their aesthetic convictions. We consulted at length on a myriad of issues and every time I found them thoughtful and perceptive–but also open to input on issues related to structure and symmetry. We joked a number of times about needing to hurry up as they followed us with paintbrushes in hand….right behind…. O:-) …in what became one of the best collaborative efforts in our repertoire. We are grateful….