Workshop and Apartment

March 19, 2018

This project combines a dream workshop with a guesthouse in the woods

This quiet workshop barn opens at one end to a spectacular covered stair and porch, providing sheltered outdoor space for the surprisingly luxurious apartment above.  Fine detail work throughout the residential space takes full advantage of the timber frame to shape spaces for entertaining, dining and quiet work or relaxation.

Dear George,

Thank you! And thanks to Dan, Ryan and Jonathan. Our collaboration on the Mill Creek Shop project has been a great success. The building truly meets or exceeds my expectations.

As you know, I had high expectations for this building. In its design I incorporated features such as many doors and windows that enable it to be a highly flexible work space. Your modified post & beam structure enabled a multifunctional work space in a relatively small building plus space above for fabulous guest quarters. I know the unusual design features presented you with some very significant challenges to say the least. Nonetheless, it seems that no matter what I came up with you always approached it with a positive, can do attitude, often further improving on my ideas. Working with you on this project, we not only had a great design/build partnership but we developed a close friendship that I expect to last a lifetime. It has been a wonderfully enjoyable process.

I have many great memories from this project. One was the time I woke up in the middle of the night thinking about a preferred solution to a particularly interesting challenge. After setting forth the problem and the proposed solution in an email and sending it to you at 4:00 am, I finally got to sleep. At 7:30 you called me to say that you also had been up in the middle of the night wrestling with the same problem. Your solution was the same as mine. That was good news, but what impacted me the most was your statement that “you and I are just alike”. That was scary. I thereafter tried to be not quite so intimately involved with this project, but to no avail. I think we were both so fully committed to creating a wonderful building and doing it right, because it was equally important to both of us.

I consider myself extremely lucky to have found someone who takes such pride in his work and who places such value on building a strong relationship with his client.

Thank you George!