Yoga Studio Barn

March 3, 2018

This studio lets light in, and opens to a peaceful mountain landscape

Geobarns worked with the client, minimal paid labor and substantial volunteer help to construct this shell in five weeks.  The building’s foyer funnels visitors into one large room, with five french doors that can open the studio almost entirely into the surrounding landscape, and dramatic views of the Catskills.  The clean, unobstructed and light-filled studio is aligned with both the physical requirements and the psychological outlook of the client’s practice. Our close working relationship with the client has led to an enduring friendship..

Your presence in and indeed imprint on our studio also remind me of my vision of giving back to help serve the collective well-being. You are a role model of that ethic and principle, George; and I believe what makes this studio even more beautiful than it is, is the energy of generosity, giving, and caring you’ve infused in the process of its creation. My God, it is such a beautiful building, its design, structure, and aesthetic so aligned with the sacredness of its intention.

And so, on the evening of the completion of the studio’s exterior, we head into Sunday, a sacred day, to rest and contemplate on how blessed we are to have you in our lives in such a unique way: with the artistic gift of creating beauty and a concrete image of what divinity looks and feels like in the conventional world.

Thank you, George,  and God Bless,

New York
Yoga Studio