What We Do

“We are a passionate building company that creates an exceptional project from our hearts to yours.”

-George Abetti, Geobarns Founder

We create artistic, custom built modified post-and-beam carriage houses, farmhouses, artisan stores, art studios, woodworking shops, wineries, wedding venues… and sometimes, even a good horse barn.

Geobarns are at once historic yet modern, beautiful yet comfortable, and carefully designed to harmonize with the landscape, whether situated in town or nestled in nature.

Design & Project Management

We handle the process of designing and building a Geobarn from first sketch to final nail. Our diverse team of designers, planners, project managers, and craftspeople are committed to a single purpose: delivering a Geobarn that fulfills our client’s dreams.

Versatile Architecture

Our modified post-and-beam building system and free-span technology is so versatile that we can create nearly anything from art studios to wedding barns. Geobarns are incredibly strong, spacious, and easily adaptable to an endless variety of interior layouts.

Conservation & Sustainability

Our management team includes expertise in planning and developing homes and commercial venues in protected conservation communities, and we apply leading-edge standards in sustainable building practices.

Teamwork & Stewardship

We believe it takes teamwork between client, designer, and crew to create a successful project. True teamwork is created when all involved share the same vision and passion to build a beautiful and durable Geobarn. We believe being good stewards of our clients’ resources is fundamental to being a good building partner.

“Friendship is always a sweet responsibility, never an opportunity.”

-Kahlil Gibram

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