A picture of the Baldwin Center at Bundoran Farm, designed and built by Geobarns, with cherry stained wood siding, gray metal roof, and long monitor cupola.

The Baldwin Center

Headquarters for a development focused on preservation

Bundoran Farm was a family farm operated by the Scott family when Fred Scott was approached by Bob Baldwin Sr, a developer from New England, in 2005 to explore the idea of converting the farm into a special kind of residential development. Bob Baldwin’s plan – one that had evolved through previous projects – involved preserving the rural land of the farm while providing homesites for families. These homesites would be carefully placed around the farm in order to minimize their impact on farming operations. The farm, its fields and woodlands, would coexist together.

Bob Baldwin called his approach “preservation development.” It was designed to preserve rural lands and their farms while allowing families to build and live scattered around the farm. Geobarns was chosen to design and build its centerpiece amenity: a new center for administration, education, and community gatherings.

Homesites, ecological assets, and agricultural production are sensitively designed to allow residents to live, work, hike and otherwise enjoy life among a spectacular working farm.  This sensitivity brought the development team to Geobarns for the signature amenity and administrative center of the farm, the Baldwin Center for Preservation Development.

This two story structure is designed to accommodate administrative offices, conference spaces, a catering kitchen and lounge, with an unobstructed upper floor gathering space for community-wide educational and arts programming.  Its bank-barn design makes both programs accessible, but operable separately. The Center was built on the site of former farm housing, allowing a completely new structure to be inserted adjacent to irreplaceable mature trees and hedges. The building has become the center of a thriving conservation-oriented rural community, as well as the headquarters for a successful and innovative development firm.

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A picture of the Baldwin Center at Bundoran Farm, designed and built by Geobarns, showing the entry bridge to the second floor.

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An exterior picture of the Mountain Carriage House, designed and built by Geobarns, with gray wood siding, cantilevered front porch, and side awning to park a Kubota tractor.

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Historic Carriage House addition designed and built by Geobarns in an historic district, with barn red wood siding, black metal roof, and space for garage, recreation, and home office.

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