The Farmhouse community center at Chickahominy Falls, designed by Geobarns

Design. Plan. Build.

As a design-build company, Geobarns provides all of the services you need to take your vision from concept to completed structure

Stage 1

Consultation & Design

Design is more than floor plans and layouts. Our consultation and design process combines your goals with our experience to produce a Geobarn that serves your needs through the lifetime of your ownership.

Stage 2

Budget & Planning

In our budget and planning stage, we turn the work from Stage 1 into an estimate and set of construction plans ready to build.  Our design team helps you choose every detail from color and finishes to fixtures and features for a harmonious aesthetic appeal.

Stage 3


This is where the real excitement begins.  Our Project Manager or Owner’s Representative will provide you with regular updates, manage the myriad details of construction and budget accuracy for you, and ensure that quality and engineering standards are met.

Our collaborative process ensures your Geobarn will be exactly what you want, on time and on budget

You guys were right on time, on budget and the end result is outstanding. I can’t tell you the number of people that have stopped by and are really impressed with the result. I also enjoyed the “collaborative” effort in the design and your ability to make subtle changes as the project unfolded.
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How We Get It Right

George Abetti of Geobarns explores a new building site with the client

Site Stewardship

Every good design begins by walking the land. We’ll visit your building site with you, get to know the terrain and environment, and help determine the ideal location and orientation of your Geobarn. We believe good buildings are natural extensions of the land and harmonious with the community… both human and natural.

Site Plans & Renderings

Site planning helps you understand not only how your Geobarn will be oriented on your property, it also helps to ensure access, drainage, and other key exterior elements are correct. We also help you visualize the final appearance of your Geobarn. Both of these services can be helpful in securing building permits and zoning approval.

CAD designed front elevation of a Geobarns home with connected garage

Precision CAD Design

Every Geobarn begins with hand drawings from our initial consultation with you. Once the basic layout is determined, we create a set of precision CAD floorplans and elevations to fine-tune the design before construction plans are drawn up. Our CAD plans ensure everything fits as expected… and that nothing is overlooked.

George Abetti of Geobarns meeting on site with clients to inspect construction progress.

On-Site Meetings

We hold regular meetings with you on site during construction to make sure the build is going to plan. We even mock-up locations of appliances, light fixtures, and other features so you can “test drive” the fit before they are installed. It’s easier to make adjustments before things are finished… and you can be sure that decisions made during design are the right decisions in practice.

Our mission is to make building with us one of the most positive and enriching experiences of a lifetime

Working with George and Geobarns is an incredibly fulfilling experience, with friendship wrapping around high work energy, creative and intelligent design concepts, great construction quality, and outstanding communication before, during and after project completion.
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Mountain Carriage House, designed and built by Geobarns