A picture of three Geobarns in a row: the exterior of Virginia Homestead barn, the interior of Waterfresh Market, and the exterior of Historic Carriage House addition, all designed and built by Geobarns.

Our Unique Design Features

Geobarns Cupolas

The cupola is the distinguishing feature of a finished Geobarn. They are more than decorations; there’s a reason why builders have added cupolas to barns and meeting houses across America for centuries: abundant natural light and air flow, especially in large barns where livestock are housed and hay is stored.

Although we generally refer to all our roof toppers as “cupolas”, most of them are technically “monitor roofs” or “clerestories”. The name isn’t as important as the function: to provide your Geobarn with as much natural light as possible, to manage heating and cooling efficiently, and to inspire happy living.

An interior picture of the mezzanine and cupola of a Geobarns Forever Home, designed and built by Geobarns.
Two pictures of Geobarns: An exterior picture of the monitor cupola of the Historic Carriage House addition, designed and built by Geobarns, featuring slate gray metal roof and barn red wood stained siding, and an interior picture of the mezzanine and cupola of the Shenandoah Modern Farmhouse, both designed and built by Geobarns.
Six pictures of different cupolas design and built by Geobarns.

Most Geobarns are well-served with a single monitor-style cupola. Some Geobarns may need multiple cupolas in varying sizes, depending on the internal arrangement. Cupolas can be fitted with lighting, ceiling fans, and connections to the HVAC system. In some Geobarns, the cupola is large enough for an extra loft floor so you can enjoy the views.

Geobarns Hand-Built Doors

One of our most requested custom features is our rolling barn doors. Build by hand to match your interior finish, our rolling barn doors can serve as room dividers, close off large openings, and even partition off a corner of a large space into a separate room on demand. Geobarns rolling barn doors add tremendous flexibility to nearly any space.

Two pictures of hand-built doors by Geobarns: the top picture shows natural wood doors framed in barn red. The bottom picture shows antique-styled swing doors stained dark brown with custom windows.
An interior picture of rolling barn doors that divide the meeting hall from the test kitchen at the Farmstead at Chickahominy Falls, designed and built by Geobarns.
Four different pictures of hand-built doors by Geobarns.

And that’s not all… we often build hinged doors as well, which may be the solution finding the perfect style of door to define a room. Geobarns hand-built doors can also serve exterior purposes, such as weather shutters or when you need architecturally unique doors for your garage or retail space. Since our doors are custom built to match your Geobarn, we can create them in a variety of styles colors, and sizes… even two stories tall if needed.

Exposed Framing

If the beauty of exposed timbers appeals to you, you’ll love what Geobarns can do for your interior design. Our Geobarns shell framing uses lovely Douglas fir posts and beams that you will want to show off for dramatic interior spaces. Collar ties, floor trusses, and even floor joists can all be exposed as well.

Two pictures of exposed framing in the interior of event venues designed and built by Geobarns.
An interior picture of Waterfresh Market, showing exposed timbers, designed and built by Geobarns.
Two pictures of exposed framing in Geobarns Forever Homes. The top picture shows exposed ceiling joists in a minimalist bedroom. The second picture shows exposed framing in a vaulted living room., designed and built by Geobarns.

Douglas fir is an amazing wood: buttery smooth, richly grained, and nearly luminous, it can be naturally finished or stained in a variety of colors. It contrasts well with either painted or stained interior trim, especially with our popular pickled v-groove wood ceilings. Our design team will help you take maximum advantage of our framing and finish options for your Geobarn.

Artisan Details

Details turn an ordinary building into a stunning Geobarn. They are like a glue that ties the entire design together. Finishes, fixtures, colors… our design team will help you choose the artisan details that will make your Geobarn uniquely yours.

Four pictures of artisan details in doors and staircases, designed and built by Geobarns.
Two pictures of artisan details, one showing an antique window repurposed as an interior window. One pciture shows exterior lights used for interior lighting design in Waterfresh Market, both designed and built by Geobarns.
Two pictures of artisan details in Geobarns Forever Homes. One picture shows gooseneck lights outside a garage. One picture shows metal roof panels used as a firebreak for a wood stove in a living room. Both designed and built by Geobarns.
Four pictures of artisan details designed and built by Geobarns. A staircase uses tree limbs as balustrades. Another staircase uses electrical conduit as balustrades. A farmhouse sink is repurposed as a bathroom vanity. Another bathroom features a square, white basin on a hand-built vanity.

We have hundreds of design ideas in our Geobarns project library… and we’d love to see your fave pics from Instagram, Pinterest, or wherever you might have saved them. We’ve incorporated upcycled gems in many of our Geobarns, from kitchen sinks to interior windows. We’re masters of sourcing those “simply perfect” fittings and fixtures from dozens of renovation suppliers. Found something you love from Etsy or Ebay? We can work with that, too!

Geobarns are Endlessly Versatile

Our simple post-and-beam shell can be adapted to many uses, from art studios to wineries and everything in between. Large or small, rustic or modern, a Geobarn can suit nearly any design palette. Between roof, siding, and trim, almost any color combination is available… many of our clients choose natural weathering or Cabot’s American Barn Red. We can help you visualize color options during our design process, so you can make the choice that pleases you best.

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Interior of The Sales Center at Chickahominy Falls designed by Geobarns