Historic Carriage House

This addition to a prominent historic home was inspired by the form of livery barns that once accompanied all the grand homes of downtown Woodstock, Vermont.

The owners of this prominent historic home in Vermont wanted a substantial addition, adding open, light-filled space for office and recreational use.  Geobarns helped them conceive a project that respects both the architectural value of the existing structure and the surrounding historic district, by taking inspiration from humble functional structures of the past.  Consulting historic archives, Geobarns found evidence of an earlier livery barn on the property, which served as a precedent for this modern carriage house.  The resulting project steps down from the historic home, and provides a new entry and substantial mudroom and storage functions that connect the home to a three-bay garage, an office suite and open spaces for recreation and entertaining.  Geobarns documented the design and assisted our clients in shepherding the project through a potentially difficult design review process quickly and successfully.

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