Wondrous Winter: Gift of God

While many of these pictures are current projects and those which we hope to shortly start….quite a number are also winter wonderland shots over the years portraying the harrowing beauty of the cold season that nonetheless also mysteriously warms our hearts. I have always felt that when we work in winter we somehow mitigate its power to keep us confined—even while doing so exposes us to its harshest conditions….trucks to do not start, no one can excavate, tools malfunction, fingers freeze and the days are so short it often seems hardly worth the effort.

Looking at these photos—it clearly is worth the time and effort to be there when “there” is hard to be….with great reward. I marvel at the men and women who keep on keeping on within it—and who love what they do and move us forward during the lean times. There is something humbling about the power of nature that keeps our perspective…and moreover impels to be grateful that we are allowed to live on such a beautiful earth where we are surrounded by the glory of God.

I have also included a picture of our miracle grandson who was born with no heartbeat or ability to breathe…and defying all prognoses, tests and assessments—is home with his mother and father a month after his miracle delivery and restoration to life itself….the Reason for the Season.

— George