Wrappin’ Up and Movin’ On

The summer has been filled with transitions—finishing up a half dozen projects and moving onto another dozen…some in design, others being permitted, others just starting and yet others well underway. I think the pressure of this shows in that I have not done one of these posts for almost two months now—with some of you referencing this in your emails. Geobarns feels like a runaway train right now—we are building in NY, MA, VT, NH, NY, VA….just finished others in all of these and SC, and are now returning to all of them and likely in ME, MN and CA….including a church, vineyard barn, wedding resort(s), auto workshop, farm equipment barn, several houses, boat barn, riding arena, horse barn and of course several multipurpose garages….one of our mainstays….

In the midst of this marathon there are the sweetest moments with clients and crew who have blessed us beyond measure. I continue to be overwhelmed at the generosity and appreciation of our clients—who have put up and cooked for the traveling crews, consistently paid as soon as they were invoiced, and perhaps most importantly are responsible for this plethora of work in consistently telling their friends to check us out if they need a building….including an inspector now and then!

We are exploring a joint venture in Europe and also hope to provide some opportunities for quake resistant housing in Italy—yet again ravaged by quakes with no national policy or direction on how to prevent the interminable destruction regularly visited upon them—while still picking up the pieces of the latest disaster. In Italy—a country of 60 million people, they build only about 1500 wooden homes a year—so there is a huge opportunity for change should the decision makers recognize it and actually put their minds to do so.

Meanwhile—life goes on here in Vermont…the weather is cooling and we have had a bit more rain—and best of all—our very own precious (NE project manager) Ryan Hereth was married to his beloved Megan at our home with the reception in the original prototype Geobarn—built in the late 90’s….we are indeed blessed.