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Geobarns was founded by George Abetti as an individually owned enterprise dedicated to building quality barn structures for any use the client wishes. In October of 2003, George joined the QROE Companies with CEO Robert Baldwin to form Geobarn Corporation, which he ran as VP and General Manager. In the aftermath of the tragedy of Bob Baldwin's death in June of 2006, George repurchased the stock and re-established Geobarns as a VT registered LLC, with a continued commitment to a close working relationship with the QROE Companies and the mutual values they share. As creator and inventor of the Geobarn construction system, George Abetti uses a unique architectural engineering style which includes a modified post and design coupled with diagonal framing and free span buttress arched trusses. Click on Construction to see additional descriptions and photos and specifications.

George is committed to a close working relationship with every client and has categorically stated to everyone he has built a barn for that he will only do so in the context of mutual trust. The designs created and built are always the result of extensive dialogue--and even a few spirited arguments!--and are improved as he and the clients mesh their ideas.

Geobarns is also committed to integrity and openess in the negotiation of price, with a genuine willingness to make changes, adapt and incorporate new ideas into each building as it is built. Once a fair price structure is established, pleasing the client and providing as much flexibility as possible for design modifications is considered a welcome part of the package. In addition, another standard rigorously adhered to is to build one barn at a time,and to pull off the site only when the work is completed. Just as Geobarns believes it offers a unique barn, so each client deserves the focus and sole attention devoted to their project for the duration.

George Abetti has been building barns since 1991 with construction experience dating back to 1968. He has projects in Vermont, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Nova Scotia, Rhode Island, New York State, Virginia and California. George is willing to build anywhere in the United States on a selected basis. Testimonials from clients are available on this website, with further references furnished upon request.








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